Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kerala, the Most Preferred Medical Tourism Destination for Affordable Treatment and Surgeries

The God’s Own Country, Kerala not only attracts tourists for exploring different tourist attractions and destinations, however, the place is even the most preferred medical tourism destination, for many.

Both domestic as well as foreign tourists visit Kerala for affordable medical treatments at various multi-specialty hospitals in different parts of the state. Be it Ayurveda Rejuvenation Therapy, Weight Loss Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Fertility Treatment, Orthopedic, Ophthalmological Treatment, Dental Care, Alternative Medicine or other specialized therapies or surgical interventions, the super-specialty hospitals in Kerala provide the services very reasonably to the tourists.

Even several companies offer medical tourism packages to domestic/international patients, who prefer specialized treatment for disorders, in the land of Kerala. The medical tourism companies manage everything, i.e. receiving the guests from the airport, transfer service, hotel accommodation, hospital appointment, recuperative travel packages (to popular destinations and attraction in the region and across Kerala), post treatment doctor visits and so on.

Treatment in Kerala (India) is cheaper in comparison to the same in various foreign countries. This is one reason, why the patients from different parts of the world opt for medical tourism packages here and even make sure that they get to cover various tourist destinations as well, during their stay in Kerala. Since various Health insurance companies sponsor the patients for medical tourism, the patients do not get monetary burden, much, while they choose cheaper destinations like Kerala or other affordable regions in India.

The Kerala state government and various multi-specialty hospitals in the state are even collaborating, to attract domestic and foreign tourists to the God’s Own Country, in order to boost the medical tourism sector and for contributing toward the local economy.

A few of the multi specialty hospitals in Kerala that most travelers come seeking health tourism solutions are – Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS, Thiruvananthapuram), Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS, Cochin), Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS, Calicut), Lakeshore Hospital (Cochin) etc.

The hospitals with state-of-the-art technology, highly qualified medical practitioners, skilled paramedical staff and technicians (almost everybody well versed in English) make Kerala one of the favorite health destinations for many.

Hence, the travelers looking for Ayurveda, cosmetic, dental or other therapeutic treatments and surgeries for various disorders/ailments should look no further and can take to the air for the God’s Own Country. Frequent airline services are available from different parts of the orb for Kerala.

Come and have the best experience from both the healthcare and the tourist sectors of Kerala.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Try Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy in Kerala for better health and preventive care

One of the most sought after destinations for Ayurvedic treatment, Kerala attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists, both domestic and foreign, for medical tourism in the God’s Own Country.

There are many takers for Panchakarma Treatment, here, however not a majority seeks it to get rid of physical ailments or disorders. Some just come to rejuvenate their body and mind.

Panchakarma therapy helps in detoxifying the body and proved results on many that have had the history of chronic disorders and ailments. Various licensed centers, well equipped with professional doctors are available across Kerala for Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment and these hubs offer cost effective remedies, suiting the needs of all the people.

These Ayurveda therapy centers help one not only in getting rid of ailments, however even with preventive measures to pass up common disorders.

From Ayurveda oil (specially extracted from herbs) massage to oral medication (ghee), the therapeutic centers provide different treatment, based on the health requirements of people. Those suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis, Cold and Cough can seek Panchakarma treatment to detoxify their body, for improved health and comfort.

People with following disorders (e.g. Depression, Sex Related Problems, Neurological Disorder, Migraine/Headaches, Jaundice, Acne/Pimple, Back Ache, and Rheumatism etc) can also get rid of their ailments by visiting the Ayurveda center in Kerala.

In case, somebody does not want surgical weight loss treatment to look good or slim, can also give a try to Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy while traveling in Kerala, to gain self-confidence and to be the envy of many of their friends. Please note, these centers will not guarantee an hourglass figure (those who aim to lose weight); however, people would surely find satisfaction to the money they spend for the therapy, there.

Enquire with the Ayurveda center in Kerala, prior to booking the visit, as this way the center would be able to accommodate the needs of the person better. Prices for packages and services (detoxification, rejuvenation, stress management, beauty care, weight reduction, pain treatment) would vary from one facility/place to the other. If planning to visit Kerala specifically for Ayurveda therapy, then people can even mix adds-on like backwater tourism in their schedule and seek companies like BookHouseBoats.Com and the similar to plan their itinerary.

One can find Ayurveda centers in Ernakulam, Thrissur, Trivandrum and many tourist hubs in Kerala, to pamper body and for a rejuvenating experience like never before.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Agricultural Lands and Farms of Kerala are worth Visiting, if seeking Agro Tourism

The Agriculture dominated state in the Southern region of India, Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destinations. The Agro tourism sector is one such popular amongst many tourists, who make a visit to Kerala, especially to see the farms and agricultural lands of the region.
The farm tourism is a budding concept, though there are many takers of this tourism type; even the state government is making initiatives to captivate the attention of tourists to the agricultural lands and farms of Kerala, to promote agro tourism.

The farmers that are into organic farming get to demonstrate the tourists about compost, green manure and different biological methods for pest control etc.

People visiting the farms can comprehend different methods to manage soil, weeds and learn how one can manufacture several organic fertilizers and pesticides from sources available in the nature.

Be it coconut palms, cardamom, pepper, rubber, ginger, tea, coffee or other yields, the travelers visiting the farms and plantations would get to know everything about farming (and can witness the process if the farmer is at any of the following stages), viz. preparation of land, sowing, polyculture, water, nutrient, health management of the crop, harvesting and the like.

In the paddy fields, one can even join the men and women working there to know about the paddy cultivation process. In case, the visit is during the harvest time, people can also help the farmers in collecting the (mature) rice crop and observe the post harvesting process.

Through farm (agro) tourism, the farmers get to promote and sell their agricultural products to the tourists and generate better income. The travelers visiting the organic farms can rest assured of buying healthy crops (free of chemical fertilizers and insecticides) and go back with fond memories of the agricultural sector of Kerala.

Here, are some of the farm tourism destinations that may be of interest for the travelers, viz. Kottayam, Idukki (Mattupetty, Vagamon, Kumily), Palakkad, Thenmala (Kollam), Pathanamthitta (Konni).

While on a farm tour, the travelers can even mix their itinerary with various other activities in the nearby destinations by trying trekking, mountaineering, boating (in the backwaters), fishing in the fresh lake and so forth. The tour operator BookHouseBoats.Com can manage water itineraries for the travelers during the course. Voyagers can choose from an array of water activities, ranging from houseboat rides, canoeing, kayaking etc.

Thus, make a visit to the farms and blend the day with other activities as well to have a gala time in the God’s Own Country.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Popular Boat Races are the ‘Must to Watch’ thing, if visiting the God’s Own Country

Traditional boat races are few of the attractions for both domestic and foreign tourists that come for a visit to the God’s Own Country.

Chundan Vallams (Snake Boats) are widely used for traditional boat races, in Kerala. Travelers that visit Kerala should not miss any of these – ride on Kettu Vallams (Houseboats) across the backwaters of Kerala and witnessing the popular boat race (‘Vallam Kali’) events, of this Indian state.

Kerala Boat Races
Here, are some of the popular boat races of Kerala (including but not limited to) - Payippad Boat Race, Aranmula Boat Race, Thriprayar Boat Race, Nehru Trophy Boat Race (one of the most popular events), Indira Gandhi Boat Race (an annual event in Kochi), President’s Trophy Boat Race and so on.

The Aranmula Boat Race is held during Onam (the Hindu Festival), while the Thriprayar Boat Race is held in the Canoly (Conolly) Canal facing the popular Thriprayar Shree Rama Temple.

Of the boat races in Kerala, the Nehru Trophy Boat Race is the most popular and held in the Punnamada Lake (near Alleppey). The Kerala Tourism Boats manages the annual Indira Gandhi boat race, in the Lake of Cochin. However, the President’s Trophy Boat race is held in the Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam every year (on 01 November) to mark the “Birthday of Kerala”. This Indian state (Kerala) ‘was created’ on 01 November 1956.

The Chundan Vallams (Snake Boats) used for boat races in Kerala have the worldwide recognition as ‘the largest water vessel, used for sporting event’. These Snake boats measure lengthwise about 100-138 feet with the rear end standing tall at about 20 feet.

The experience of watching helmsmen, rowers and singers on different Snake boats during the racing events is an enthralling experience for everyone involved, be it the event partakers or the visitors. This competitive sporting event is the perfect example of team effort and cooperation. Boats from different districts of Kerala participate in the Snake boat-racing event and ‘get rewarded’ by cash prizes and trophies.

During the racing event, the singers on the boats clad in traditional costumes sing different folk/cultural songs to encourage the rowers, in order to make the latter propel boats harder and faster.

Travelers that look forward to visiting the God’s Own Country should not miss any of these boat-racing events of Kerala (specified above), to go home capturing beautiful moments.

While on backwater tours across Kerala with BookHouseBoats.Com, the travelers can check with the escorted guide regarding any such event, if being held in that region (then) and should not miss to witness that for any reason. That would be a very memorable experience, for sure – just try it, when in Kerala.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Houseboat and Snake Boat Manufacturing Processes in the God’s Own Country

While enjoying the picturesque nature and surroundings from the deck of a luxury houseboat, not many travelers give a thought about the wonderfully created houseboat, which they are on and scaling the backwaters of Kerala.

After taking pleasure from houseboat rides and watching the popular boat races in Kerala, some of the curious ones would surely love to see how these beautiful boats take shape, from a few wooden planks.

Before we move further, here are some of the popular boat types in Kerala, viz. Chundan Vallams (Snake Boats), Kettu Vallams (Houseboats) and Uru (Fat Boat). Snake Boats are quite common during boat races; however, Houseboats are popular with tourists from all across the globe that visit Kerala for backwater tourism. On the other end, Uru (Fat boat) is a trading vessel.

The boat building process is quite a gripping experience and the travelers visiting the manufacturing units in Kerala would love to see how different boats built here. The one thing that separates these boats from various others made (in several parts of the world) is that nails are ‘scarcely used’ to join the wooden planks to make boats.

Coir/fiber and twines, natural adhesive (boiled cashew kernel, fish and neem/medicinal plant oil) are ‘being used’ to fasten different parts together, to manufacture the boats. Along with other raw materials, following trees serves the purpose in manufacturing boats, viz. Bamboo, Areca Nut and Palm. The boats are manufactured using eco-friendly materials only.

Watching people work with wooden mallets, needle, scissors, chisel, drilling machines and other tools would be a learning experience for travelers that are new to this boat manufacturing experience, in Kerala.

While traveling in Alleppey, the travelers should not miss the opportunity of witnessing the boat manufacturing process. Luxury houseboats, snake boats or other boat types, one could experience different boat building processes (from scratch to finish) in this part of Kerala. manages houseboat tours in the backwaters of Alleppey and the escorted guide would assist the travelers in visiting the boat-manufacturing units, in the region.

Not only the Snake boats or Houseboats of Kerala, which are popular all across the globe, however, the Uru (Fat boat) manufactured at Beypore (Kozhikode) has plenty demand in the foreign countries. Kerala exports the Uru (trading vessel) mostly in the Arab countries.

Hence, make a visit to Kerala with family and friends to explore not only the backwaters on houseboats, however, to get to the roots by visiting the houseboat manufacturing units in Kerala.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Get your fishing tackles for some fresh catches and for water recreation

Every year hundred and thousands of tourists (domestic and foreign) visit Kerala - the God’s Own Country for exploring the beaches, wildlife, hill stations, temples, sanctuaries and various other attractions and destinations.

The backwaters of Kerala and the houseboat rides are a few of the reasons that make the Kerala one of the hotspots for many. If you are in Kerala for backwater tourism and looking forward to boating and recreation, then you can explore a variety of possibilities, here.

In case you are specifically looking for ponds, villages and farms, to try your hands at some fishing (for fun and leisure), then you could find ample options for doing the same in Cochin and other backwater regions in Kerala.

Njarakkal Matsyafed Milky Way Fish Farm in Ernakulam is one, to spend the day out with family for some fishing games. The farm authorities there would provide you with equipment (tackle, fish food etc.) and help you with some fishing tips as well, so that you could enjoy the day and go home with fresh catches.

You might not be good at fishing techniques, however, would surely learn to master the skills by visiting the place, for a few times (only if have plans for extended tours in Cochin).

The entry fee to the fishing farm range from about INR 150-200/person and the package would comprise food, drinks and other light snacks. Visit the place with your kids and try some fishing games in the group. You could even have a fun-filled competition amongst each other, to see who is good at fishing. During lunch, get to treat your tongue palettes with spicy fish recipes, prepared the traditional way.

If you are looking for some other places for fishing, then Fort Kochi in Ernakulam could be another great destination to try your hands at fishing. You need to have the equipment of your own. Fort Kochi is famous for the Chinese fishing nets and you can even take pleasure watching people fish using those huge fishing nets, there.

You can even go to the beach, have a blast with your family and try your hands also at collecting seashells (you may be lucky, who knows). Besides, boat-rides are also available from Fort Kochi. Try speedboats or hire a houseboat for a ride through the water stretches, of Fort Kochi.

For houseboat rides on the backwaters, you can contact BookHouseBoats.Com. To plan your itinerary and choose from a variety of houseboats, viz. Standard, Deluxe, Premium and Luxury, please make inquiries at

Fishing can be great fun, both during weekends and otherwise. So, come down to Cochin to have a gala time with your family or friends.