Friday, 27 March 2015

Sargaalaya Iringal Crafts Village in Kerala - The Perfect Destination for Art and Craft Lovers

While on a tour in Kerala, the travelers who are fond of Art and Crafts, if looking for destinations to explore the traditional craft making industry and try hands at learning some skills, then visiting Iringal in Calicut (Kozhikode) would be the perfect idea.

An initiative of the Kerala State Government and the Tourism Department, Sargaalaya is one of the most popular Arts and Crafts Villages of Kerala. Spread on a twenty-acre land, this Iringal Crafts village attracts the art lovers from all across the globe.

By visiting the village, the travelers would get to comprehend the nuances of craft making and they can even interact with the Artisans to learn a few skills, there. The crafts village on the coast of Moorad River is worth a visit not only for experiencing the craft manufacturing process but also to buy the eco-friendly (finely crafted) creations at affordable prices.

Here, are a few of the things that one could look forward to witnessing at the Sargaalaya Crafts Village, viz. Sculptures (Paper Mache, Ceramic Powder, Terracotta and Areca Nut), Paintings (Mural, Sepia, Sand Art, Glass and Oil Painting) and Jewelry (Coconut Shell, Terracotta, Pearl, Crystal, Coir and Bamboo Ornaments).

Kerala is famous for lagoons and Coconut Palms. One making a visit at Iringal crafts village can even learn the Coconut craft using the coconut stem and experience different natural fiber crafts made of Kora Grass, Screw Pine, Banana Fiber, Palm Fiber, Coir, Straw and Vetiver, there.

Besides, the voyagers should not miss the sight of artisans at the Handloom house, making colorful garments. One can see the process there and buy the finest piece, by shelling a reasonable amount.

People that are in the crafts business and want wood and/or metal crafts for their shops or outlets can even place orders for bulk purchase from this crafts village. The accomplished artisans of this region create a variety of fine looking wooden (from rose wood, cane etc) and metal crafts, which would sell like hotcakes in the outlets, for sure.

While traveling in Iringal Kozhikode, the visitors can even experience the traditional dance, music and other fine art performances by hiring the artistes and take pleasure in the Kerala cuisine at the eateries available at the village, there. After exploring the art forms and crafts, people that are keen for other attractions and activities in Kozhikode can also think about water itinerary on the backwater stretches.

BookHouseBoats.Com manages houseboat tours in that region and the travelers can seek them to plan their itineraries on water.

Hence, plan a visit to Iringal and go back with fond memories, of this crafts village and the nearby destinations.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Camping in the Woods of Kerala, for Outdoor Adventure and Recreation

Be it any season, there is never a dull moment for the travelers that visit the God’s Own Country. From beaches to hill stations, temples to historical buildings, lakes to rivers, one can find lot of attractions and destinations to have a gala time, individually and as well in a group.

If people love exciting activities and are looking for outdoor fun while traveling in Kerala, then adventure camps can be a great idea for them. Living in tents/camps is a different experience, something that cannot be ‘put in plain words’. People that go on frequent adventure tours to mountains and forests like this know how great it feels being surrounded with nature and living in a campsite.

Living on raised platforms in the tropical forest and closely watching birds and wild animals is very enthralling. Staying in an air-conditioned room in a plush seaside hotel can never match the experience of the same in a campsite, in the wood.

Places like Thattekkad (and many other in Kerala) offer marvelous opportunities for travelers to experience living in campsites to see the sights of nature and explore different species of animals and birds in their natural habitat. While in Kerala, instead of accommodation in a posh hotel, one should think about going outdoors for lot of fun in the group, by choosing to stay in the campsite.

Various tour companies in Kerala manage jungle tours for travelers looking for adventure camping in the tropical forest. These travel planners operate campsites in the woods (close to lakes and rivers) and even arrange for equipment for many outdoor fun activities like cycling, kayaking, canoeing and bird watching etc. Those looking for water activities ‘at length’ can also choose the backwater regions and seek operators like BookHouseBoats.Com and many other.

While one is enjoying the jungle tour, should make the most of one’s stay there by basking the beauty of the surroundings and trying different outdoor sports and activities in the group.

Some of those that want to go on a solo-adventure vacation in the Jungles or mountains of Kerala may need to have their own camping equipment, safety gears and other supplies. People that want to avoid all this trouble of managing everything on one’s own can think of campsites/jungle resorts of Kerala, to enjoy their vacation ‘away from the concrete jungle’.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Nature Food Restaurants in Ernakulam Kerala, for a healthy lifestyle

Being an avid foodie, while traveling in Kerala you would never ‘be short of’ options to satiate your taste buds. From Bakeries to Dine-In Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants and Pizzerias, you would find eateries and restaurants at every nook and corner, in the God’s Own Country.

During your stay in Kerala, you can choose to dine at a variety of plush hotels and restaurants that guarantee good food and service. However, if you are one who is health conscious and specifically looking to binge on healthy food, straight from the organic farms, then you should not miss trying food at a chain of Aruvi Nature Food Restaurants, in Ernakulam.

You can find Aruvi Food Restaurants at some of these locations, in Ernakulam, viz. Xavier Arakkal Road (Kacheripady), Pullepady Road (Opposite North Railway Station), Kannadikadu Road (Chambakkara) to name a few.

These nature food restaurants generally operate from 8 am to 9 pm and serve healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Produced (Grains, Vegetables and Fruits etc) in the organic farms, the Aruvi nature food restaurant with its different branches in Ernakulam makes sure the guests get to have nothing but healthy food and beverages, to placate their body and mind.

While traveling in Cochin, if you plan to devour healthy stuff (food and drinks) then can give a thought about the Aruvi Food Restaurants that also give utmost care to hygiene and food safety.

A visit at one of these Aruvi Nature Food Restaurants would also be a new experience, after dining at various plush restaurants and eateries in this part of Kerala. Some of you might not find the price of food (on menu) befitting one’s budget, however, if you are health conscious and want to have the highest quality food recommended by doctors and experts for good health and well-being, then Aruvi restaurants are worth spending every penny of yours.

Give your tummy some rest from spicy foods, aerated soft drinks and try organic foods and drinks, to see the results these can show on your body. If you are so keen to know more of how organic foods can benefit you overall, do find time going through different books and pamphlets (at the restaurant) and having a word with the restaurant manager, there. You would definitely love your experience and might probably like to change your old eating habits for the better, for a healthy lifestyle ahead.

After eating to your full, you can even think about lazing around on houseboats in the backwaters of Kochi and bask in the beauty of nature. A journey through the Kerala backwater stretches would be an enriching experience for you and your family members. To plan your itinerary, you can contact BookHouseBoats.Com at or have a word with any of the representatives on the following – +91 8089 122 811 / +91 8089 100 757.

Hence, come to visiting nature food restaurants in Kerala and have a memorable experience.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

White Water Rafting in Kerala for Those That Love Extreme and Adventure Sports

The God’s Own Country captivates the attention of tourists mostly with the houseboats and the backwater stretches; however, the adventure sport White Water Rafting has even many takers, in Kerala.

People that love extreme adventure sports can think about visiting some of these popular White Water Rafting destinations, viz. Tejaswini River in Kannur, Bhoothathankettu and Paniyeli Poru in Ernakulam.

The two rafting stretches (in Kannur) are Upper and Lower Tejaswini, with the class 2 and 3 rapid levels. The river begins its journey from Coorg Karnataka and runs through Kannur in Kerala.

The class 2 level (at Upper Tejaswini - a narrow river) rapids would be perfect for the beginners trying White Water Rafting in the region. Rafting on the clear channels and straightforward rapids will not pose much difficulty for the green horns, as the trained propellers with them can avoid the rocks and medium sized waves, during the trip.

Lower Tejaswini will be quite a difficult route with the class 3 level rapids/torrents. The experienced paddlers can try White Water Rafting through the channel confronting irregular waves. To stay afloat, the people on board need to have a good body control while the vessel navigates through the channel. The possibilities of fall and getting injured are quite common and the paddlers require good maneuvering skills, to traverse the tricky route.

In case anything goes wrong during the sport, the other skilled group members can help their mate, in need. A lot of teamwork and cooperation require, while people choose the White Water Rafting sport.

Other than Upper and Lower Tejaswini (River) stretches in Kannur, the adventure loving travelers can even try this white water sport in Bhoothathankettu and Paniyeli Poru in Ernakulam. Easy to testing rapids are there, suiting the needs of voyagers. November to May is the best time to try rafting in Kerala.

People visiting Kerala can choose this daytime activity in Kannur or Ernakulam in different groups and have a fun filled time. At a point, about 10-12 people can board the inflated vessel to begin their adventurous expedition across the channel.

Kerala does not have Class 4 (advanced) or Class 5 (expert) level rapids for people that are their best in the extreme water sport and looking for adventure sports of the highest risk level.

People starting from Ernakulam can begin their holiday with houseboat tours and after exploring the picturesque beauty of Kerala, they can switch to Kayaking, White Water Rafting and other adventure water sports. The tour operator BookHouseBoats.Com would guide the travelers through all these destinations for water recreation and manage their itineraries.

Come to God’s Own Country for exploring the waterways. It would really be interesting, exploring the channels, differently at varied places.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Kalaripayattu Training Centers, to Know All About the Martial Arts Form of Kerala

If Karate originated in Ryukyu Kingdom (Japan, now), then the traditional martial arts form ‘Kalaripayattu’ originated in the God’s Own Country, Kerala.

One of the most ancient and popular performing arts type, Kalaripayattu performances attract hundreds and thousands of tourists from different parts of the globe, to the training centers in Kerala. As per Legends, this martial arts form dates back to over 3,000 years and believed to be ‘created’ by Sage/Lord Parasurama. With time, the arts form even gained popularity in many Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan etc.

For Kalaripayattu training and performances, the performers use the 21x42 feet enclosure (Kalari), where they learn and practice different traditional martial arts techniques and styles, from the Guru/Teacher. The performers have to undergo rigorous training to learn flexible movements and master the art of fighting and defensive moves using different weapons, including but not limited to Axe, Sword, Bow and Arrow, Trident (Spear), Stick, Machete, Club and Dagger.

Performers trying the martial arts form have to have strength, stamina and good flexibility for fighting the opponent, in the Kalari. With the Kalari masters, they get to learn all the nuances of this martial arts form and learn to combat both using the weapons and without it.

Even the traditional dance forms of the God’s Own Country, Kathakali and Theyyam require the dance performers to undergo stringent training with Kalari masters to improve concentration level and in learning the finest moves and gestures for art performances.

Not only the Kalaripayattu, however even the Kalari treatment methods are popular. The therapy focuses on treating people by giving Ayurvedic massage (using herbs, medicated oils and pastes) locating specific body/pressure points and regions. The Kalari treatment is very effective in curing people that have severe body disorders and ailments related to bones, muscles, ligaments, joints and so forth.

People traveling in Kerala can make a visit at the popular Kalari Ayurveda resorts (Palakkad and other regions) for massage and other Naturopathy/Ayurveda therapies and regain good health. Those that are on an extended tour in Kerala can even visit the training centers and learn the nuances of Kalaripayattu by joining the short-term courses. They can master the art form under the guidance of learned Kalari masters, there.

On the other hand, the travelers at the centers can also experience the students ‘getting trained’, doing performances and practicing different ‘Marma Chikitsa’ (Healing Arts). After the visit at Kalari Ayurveda resorts and witnessing the martial arts form of the state, one should not even forget to explore the backwaters of the God’s Own Country, which is the ‘must to do’ thing when one is traveling in Southern India.

The tour operator BookHouseBoats.Com manages houseboat tours in Palakkad and other regions across Kerala. Other than the houseboat rides, the travelers can also seek them for canoeing, kayaking and other itineraries on water. Hence, plan a vacation for the Kalari centers and other attractions and experience the rich tradition and culture of the state.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Yoga Classes in Kerala, for the Travelers that are on a Spiritual Quest

Kerala, with its rich culture and heritage attracts tourists from all across the orb for different reasons and one is Alternative Medicine. Many foreign travelers, on a spiritual quest to the God’s Own Country prefer visiting the Yoga Ashrams (Spiritual Hermitage) to comprehend the nuances of Yoga and for practicing it to placate their body and mind, for improved health and wellbeing.

Good health is wealth and the Ancient Indian concept (Yoga) is popular not only with Indians, however with foreigners as well. There are many Yoga Ashrams situated near popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Travelers that are in search of Yoga Ashrams would be lucky to get across a few in some of these locations – Panmana (Kollam), Pazhavangadi, Varkala Kuravankonam (Thiruvananthapuram) and so on.

The Yoga training courses, of learning under qualified/certified teachers would be a different experience for people in different centers across Kerala. Yoga is a transformational journey and helps in establishing better body and mind connection.

Doing Yoga regular has many health benefits, as people suffering from depression and anxiety and other health ailments like - back pain, blood pressure and so forth can benefit from attending Yoga courses, in the God’s Own Country.

The travelers seeking Yoga course most often need to book in advance with the service provider. Those that are on an extended tour in Kerala and traveling in Varkala (Thiruvananthapuram) can seek BookHouseBoats.Com to plan both water itineraries and for escorted tour to nearby Yoga Ashrams. One can choose the sessions for two weeks or more suiting the interest level and stay in the region. 

Many that join the Yoga courses even have the high tendency of extending their sessions further, after having a rich learning experience at the center with the Yoga Guru (teacher). Many foreign travelers that come for Yoga courses in Kerala vouch that it had been one of the life-changing experiences, for them.

The voyagers opting for Yoga courses require staying at the Ashrams and get to practice it daily, in the morning and evening hours under the supervision of the Yoga teacher. During the course, one would get to know about different Yoga Asana, Kriya, and Mudra and practice medication (breathing exercise etc), chanting and other activities for establishing better mind and body connection, to get rid of anxieties and depression.

The ambiance (simple, but neat and ventilated ashrams), vegetarian food (sattvic diet) would be perfect for somebody, who is fond of Yoga and Ayurveda, however the course is not for someone who finds solace always in the rich and material things of life.

If are on an extended tour in this Southern region of India, then think about joining the Yoga training courses in Kerala. One would definitely have a rich learning experience, for sure.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Fly Like a Kite and Soar High, by Giving a Try to Parasailing Sport in the Land of Kerala

For travelers, there would be no dull moments while they visit the God’s Own Country with family or friends. This Southern region of India attracts tourists for all good reasons and a few are the backwaters of Kerala and plethora of water recreational activities including but not limited to houseboat tours, kayaking, canoeing, white water rafting, parasailing and so on.

Travelers while visiting Kerala, if specifically look for parasailing
activities then Alleppey beach, Kovalam and other prime tourist destinations can be apt for this water sport. If watching the birds fly and the colorful kites (soar high in the sky) inspired many and they had a secret desire of taking to the air, then parasailing can be a great idea for some flying sessions.

Even the green horns (except for kids) with no prior experience of parasailing can try this fun outdoor activity and experience the beautiful land, clear water, sky and beings from a bird’s eye view. However, people with Acrophobia (fear of heights) should stay away from doing parasailing and anything similar.

Towed by a speed/motor boat (even Jeeps are used for land based parasailing), scaling the height of about 50-100 meter would be an enthralling experience for the person, harnessed with tight ropes to the colorful parasail (canopy wing).

Though at a time, only one person can do parasailing, however with powerful boats even more than two people can enjoy this flying experience. Parasailing is one of the safest outdoor activities, as anyone with nerve can give a try to this flying sport.

Travelers visiting Kerala can experience both land and aqua parasailing, in the state, at specific regions like Alleppey and Kovalam. BookHouseBoats.Com manages water-based activities in Kerala and the travelers can seek them to mix houseboat rides with various other water sports and itineraries, during their stay. The voyagers can include paramotoring and paragliding, as well in their itinerary.

If already are in Kerala or planning to hit the destination anytime soon, then do not miss to try parasailing and other water sports in the land of Kerala. When the sky is clear and the wind conditions are good at the coast, then parasailing would be nothing but PURE fun. Just try it out in Kerala and have something to boast about to friends.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Plan Itinerary on Your Own and Find the Best Tour Packages, Reasonably

Travel is a passion for many, as some do not plan ‘in advance’ the destinations they would like to hit during any season with family or friends, as they just head on to exploring places like anything that catch their interest.

People that are fond of traveling distant places all the time, if like to explore the God’s Own Country any time soon, then they can choose from a plethora of attractions and destinations for holiday, here.

From temples to historical buildings, beaches, backwaters, theme parks, zoos and hill stations, the place can be a perfect holiday destination for travelers, almost all the season.

Thanks to lot of review sites, booking engines, it has become easier for travelers to make an informed decision about different places and plan the itinerary on their own. Verified reviews on the travel sites help to know the plus and minus of different service providers, places/destinations.

Whether destination, attractions, transportation, accommodation or other facets, the booking sites help better in planning and managing travel package on one’s own. One does not require visiting different suppliers or websites, as through the booking sites (e.g. Make My Trip, Aqua Tourism) - one can book the complete package at a go.

Planning itineraries through travel agents do help. However, travel agents may at times exaggerate the prices and charge more for services. The travelers by planning itineraries on their own can save cost, as they can avoid paying the service fee to travel companies/agents and use that amount for other need during the tour.

While choosing any hotel for accommodation during the travel, direct contact (by avoiding agencies) with the hotel would ensure the guests get the benefit of special offers and incentives from the hotel. The incentives may range from FREE - Wi-Fi, Parking, Breakfast, Beverages/Chocolates, Event Tickets and so on.

People that are planning their own itinerary, if like to visit Kerala any time soon, can begin their vacation on the backwaters of Kerala and go on exploring other destinations and attractions, further. BookHouseBoats.Com would help the travelers plan water itinerary on their own and they can expect the best deal, by ensuring that there are no intermediaries and/or hidden costs.

Those who chose backwater tours on houseboats in Kerala can even mix other attractions to their itinerary, viz. Kayaking, Canoeing and various adventure water sports and have a memorable holiday in the God’s Own Country.

Hence, start planning itineraries on the own. A good research online of course would help in making the right decisions about various tour packages and in saving cost.