Friday, 15 May 2015

Get-together for a fun-filled multi-activity day in Kerala

Families that travel together to a new destination often find it hard to decide on things to do and activities there, which could keep everyone amused in the group. However, while traveling in Kerala, you would never be short of such ideas for multi-activities with your family.

Whether cycling on the countryside roads, trekking on the hill/mountain regions, wildlife safari, kayaking and other water sports in the backwaters of Kerala – everybody in a family can collaborate to enjoy these fun-filled outdoor activities in the group.

If you have started your journey from Munnar (and plan to cover Periyar reserve as well), then after a comfortable stay in the hotel at the mountain region there, be the early bird and ‘get on’ to your bicycles (hired) for exploring the beauty of the nature. The morning breeze would make you feel sleepy a bit, but you would love the ride on the not so busy landscape in the early hours of the day.

During the passage, you can break in your journey to have a sip of tea (with leaves extracted from the highest plantations/tea estates) and try some snacks at the roadside restaurant. Watching the lifestyle of tribal villagers and riding through the backwater villages, plantations (there) would give you a refreshingly new feeling.

After a joyful ‘early morning’ experience on your bicycle along the countryside road, get back to your room for traditional Kerala breakfast. After eating like a King in the morning, get your backpacks reyady for trekking in the mountain regions there. A leisure walk through the woods with your family is yet another group activity, which you can enjoy amply.

You can even halt en route for a while and decide to camp (if have the equipment), cook and eat together. After having a heavy lunch, take forty winks on the woods there and get ready to exploring the backwaters. Your family can choose from a variety of itineraries on water. From Kayaking to a ride on houseboat of your choice, everyone in the family can enjoy together. BookHouseBoats.Com can help you plan itineraries on water and you can reach them at

During your stay there, do not miss to capture the wilderness, birds and animals to cherish beautiful memories of your visit in Kerala. In your campsite, you can even try different team-bonding activities and games and have a gala time with your family members.

As the day come to a still with the Sunset, we guess you are ready to get back to your hotel room/Homestay with the local guide AND of course with the promise of yet another beautiful day of fun-filled activities, in Kerala. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Gavi - A ‘Must Watch’ Eco-Tourism Destination for Travelers, in Kerala

One of the popular eco-tourism destinations, Gavi (in Pathanamthitta) attracts both domestic and foreign tourists, every year to the God’s Own Country.

For the nature lovers, Gavi is the ‘must visit’ destination, while they are traveling in this part of Kerala. The scenic beauty of the nature and the rich wildlife would give immense pleasure to the tourists, for sure, who can experience different varieties of birds and animals there, of which many are on the verge of extinction.

People that love watching birds in the natural habitat, can rejoice by stumbling upon more than 200 different bird species in the region, ranging from Great Hornbill, Kingfisher, Woodpecker to name a few. Besides, the herd of Elephants, Lion Tailed Macaque, Nilgiri Tahr and various other animals would be a common sight in the Jungles of Gavi, for the sightseers. Tiger, Leopard, Nilgiri Marten, Sambar (Deer), Gaur (Indian Bison) are other inhabitants of Gavi.

Gavi is easily accessible through Vandiperiyar and Kumily in Idukki, with about a distance of 28 km southwest, from Vandiperiyar and 14 km from Kumily.

A region of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, travelers can visit the place conveniently by car or Jeep (it can be an apt medium for wildlife exploration) from Vandiperiyar. The voyagers require paying the entrance fee of INR 25 to visit the place. If people carry camera/video camera with them, they would have to pay for those, separately (ranging from INR 25-100 respectively).

KFDC run (Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd) mansions, cottages and campsites are available in Gavi, for tourists that have special requirements for accommodation. Beautiful garden near the reservoir, tree house (for the adventure lovers) are some of the other attractions in Gavi, Kerala.

The travelers looking for Trekking, Wildlife Exploration, Bird Watching, Outdoor Camping, Boating and other fun activities should not miss visiting Gavi. Camping is available from November to March in the region and people that like to explore the day and nightlife of Gavi can do it by                                                                                           staying in the campsites, there.

The nature lovers visiting Gavi for wildlife exploration can even visit the nearby destination Thekkady with family and friends. They can enjoy houseboat tours in the backwaters and the adventurous folks can even give a try to bamboo rafting and other water sports, to have a gala time, there.

BookHouseBoats.Com manages water itineraries for tourists in this region. One can plan and manage their journey with the tour operator, while traveling in this part of Kerala.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Bamboo Rafting, for Fun and Excitement in the Placid Lake of Thekkady, Kerala

While traveling in Kerala, the tourists will never be devoid of options for recreational activities on water. From Houseboat Tours on the placid river to White Water Rafting in the rapids or various other water sports, the God’s Own Country offers marvelous opportunities for tourists to have a gala time, during their visit.

Voyagers that are specifically looking for water rafting and trekking activities in galore can think about making visit at Thekkady in Periyar Wildlife Reserve, in Kerala. The adventurous folks can give a try to bamboo rafting in the serene waterway, here. Bamboo rafting session would be a perfect daytime outdoor activity for travelers in the Periyar Reserve.

The close encounter with the beautiful nature (at its best), the untamed animals and birds would give enough reasons for the voyagers to capture the moments in their camera and go home with fond memories of Kerala.

Unlike White Water Rafting, which one may have tried in the rapids of Kerala, the Bamboo Rafting session in places like Thekkady (Periyar Wildlife Reserve) would altogether be a different experience, for sure. After trekking through the woodlands, the bamboo rafting session on the slow-moving stream, exploring wild animals and different species of birds (some endangered ones) en route would be an enriching experience for the travelers.

The herd of Elephants, Indian Bison (Gaur), Sambar (Deer), Indian Giant Squirrel, Nilgiri Langur (Monkey) and various other species live in the region and possibilities are that one may stumble upon any of these while enjoying the bamboo rafting session, in Thekkady.

During the bamboo rafting expedition along the serene lake, the forest guards (with guns, in need) and local guides (usually the local villagers, well versed with the locality) would accompany the travelers to help with the region. The adventure-seeking travelers can even try hands at rowing the bamboo raft, of course but under the supervision of skilled rowers with them.

In case, the tourists want to spend more quality time in the Jungle, they can even choose to stay in the bamboo-crafted inns and other KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) run Jungle hotels and resorts, available in the Periyar Wildlife Reserve.

After wildlife trekking in the woods and bamboo rafting over the lake in Thekkady, the travelers should not miss the houseboat rides as well over the backwater stretches, there. A cruise on well-furnished houseboats would enthrall the travelers for sure, in the God’s Own Country.

BookHouseBoats.Com manages houseboat tours in Thekkady and the travelers can seek them for an activity-full day on the serene waterways of Kerala.

Come to Kerala, for a fun-filled cruise on bamboo rafts and for trying different itineraries on water.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Amusement Parks in Kerala, for Fun Family Tours

While traveling alone, one has the liberty to visit places of one’s interest, however, when traveling with kids and family, one requires making decisions based on the preferences of Kids. If have plans to visiting the God’s Own Country and the kids urge for some fun and entertainment, then what could be better than exploring different theme and amusement parks of Kerala.

Here, are a few of the popular theme/amusement parks in Kerala, which may be of interest to many traveling families with of course kids: Veegaland/Wonderla Amusement Park (Pallikara, Kochi), Dreamworld Water Park and Silver Storm (Athirappally, Chalakudy), Fantasy Park (Malampuzha, Palakkad), Kottakkunnu (Malappuram), Vismaya (Parassinikadavu, Kannur), Happy Land Water Theme Park (Vembayam, Thiruvananthapuram) and so on.

Travelers who begin their journey from Cochin should not miss visiting Veegaland/Wonderla, as the place offers many fun things to do and activities for both children, youngsters and adults. From dry to water rides, coasters and other attractions, the traveling families can have a blast there, with kids. The rate and visiting times for regular and holiday periods vary for both adults and kids.

During the course, the travelers can even think about exploring the backwaters of Cochin with family and seek the tour operator BookHouseBoats.Com for houseboat rides and other water sports and itineraries, there.

After enjoying to the full in Cochin, the next nearest destination is Chalakudy (Thrissur). People, who are heading to explore the Athirappally Waterfalls, can stop over at Dreamworld and Silver Storm, en route. Giant Wheel, Stormy River, Rain Dance, Jurassic Splash, Bumping Boat are few of the attractions at these amusement parks.

The other popular theme parks are in Thiruvananthapuram, Palakkad, Malappuram and Kannur. The rates for adults on regular days across the amusement parks of Kerala vary in the range of INR 150 to 350, while for kids it is in the range of INR 100-300 and the usual timings are from 10 am - 7 pm.

While traveling with kids, other than the theme/amusement parks of Kerala, one can also choose from a variety of other options, like fishing in the backwater regions, wildlife safari across the woodland, camping, beach visits etc.

During the course, the travelers can even think about exploring the backwaters of Cochin with family and seek the tour operator BookHouseBoats.Com for houseboat rides and other water sports and itineraries, there.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Master the Kerala Cuisine and Binge on Local Food and Beverage

For the food lovers that like to indulge in and cook different dishes, if looking forward to taste and try hands at cooking traditional dishes in the God’s Own Country, then there are many options for them in the Southern region of India.

Those who are fond of traditional Kerala food can make the most of their time and add cooking lessons to their schedule, along with visiting the place for various attractions and destinations.

‘Nimmy and Paul’ (Wife and Husband) based in Kochi are few of the people, in Kerala who give their support to foodie trips, conduct cooking classes for tourists and promote traditional food in a pleasant manner. The ‘At Home’ hospitality concept like theirs is not quite common in places across Kerala. There are only very few families like that of Nimmy and Paul that offer packages to tourists who look for cooking classes in Kerala.

Various travel agencies can even help the guests ‘identify places’, where the latter could spend time (when on tour in Kerala) to taste local food and try out cooking lessons. The agencies would charge extra for this add-on service, if have mixed other destinations along with it.

During the course, the travelers can stay with the service provider (it might be own house/private home of the food trainer), who would accommodate the guest. The package would comprise the cost of stay, as well. The guests would get to binge on not only the local food and drink there, however they even have the opportunity to see their food trainer try/demonstrate different Kerala dishes.

The guests can visit organic farm, help in collecting fresh vegetables and fruits for different recipes and take quick tips on preparing healthy and delicious Kerala food. Travelers came for cooking classes in Kerala can request to learn a variety of South Indian dishes from the food consultant/trainer. From Breakfast and Snack Food to Fish/Seafood, Meat, Dessert and Beverages (to name a few), the guests can have the nuances of Kerala cooking.

While the guests are there for cooking classes, they even get the opportunity to network with the family and friends of the food trainer and accompany them for a guided tour in the local regions. Fort Kochi has many Christian families, famed of hospitality and service who often entertain guests at home, by offering both homely food and cooking lessons. People visiting this part of Cochin should not miss houseboat/speed boat rides, as companies like BookHouseBoats.Com can arrange for a fun-filled journey on the backwaters, there.

Being a foodie and a lover of all the good things of life, one should not miss visiting the God’s Own Country, which has everything that this one word describes - BEAUTIFUL!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Hit Kerala Beaches and Islands for the Perfect Family Holiday

After exploring the historical sites, hill stations, theme parks, zoos and other attractions in Kerala, people that are looking specifically for fun at the beaches and islands can find ample options for the same in the God’s Own Country.

Travelers, if started their journey from Ernakulam can begin their beach holidays from Fort Kochi, to have fun at the beach. They however may not get to have full access of the Fort Kochi beach, as some of the region is under the control of the Indian Navy.

Fort Kochi attracts tourists from all across the globe and is famous for the huge Chinese fishing nets. While the travelers are exploring this region should not miss to see the men trying for fresh catches using the ropes/boulders and the heavy nets. The Chinese fishing nets and the men working on it would surely make perfect photos for the albums of the tourists.

People that like to buy fresh fishes can visit the stalls and get it cooked (to their preference) at nearby restaurants. They would charge the travelers a few bucks for the service, but one would guarantee that fish recipe turned up the way one wanted it to be.

From the shore, people can even enjoy the sights of small boats and ships (of all the types and sizes) float across the stream. Watching huge ships (mostly industrial ships) would be a memorable experience for many, for sure.

Besides, those who like to explore the waterway going in the midst, frequent boat rides are available from Fort Kochi (to Ernakulam and other vicinities in Kerala), as one can choose from houseboats to speedboats to scale their journey.

BookHouseBoats.Com manages water recreational activities for the guests, visiting Kerala. People that want to mix beach holidays in Kerala with boat rides can seek them for fun on the stream.

On the other hand, those that want to be at the shore can walk the pebbled roads and watch different sights. People who love feeding birds can buy roasted groundnuts and other from the hawkers and give a sumptuous treat to crows, pigeons and various other bird species there.

After having a gala time at the Fort Kochi beach and the stay there at a plush hotel, one can move to Cherai (about 25 km from Kochi) and for exploring other beaches of Kerala, if have planned an extended tour.

Here are some of the other popular beaches of Kerala, viz. Alappuzha, Bekal, Chavakkad Beach, Kappad, Kappkadavu, Kollam, Kovalam, Marari, Meenkunnu, Muzhappilangad, Payyambalam, Shankumugham, Snehatheeram, Thirumullavaram, Varkala and so on.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Join the kids along to Zoos and Aquariums in Kerala, to start on summer holidays

Have a fun filled journey with kids. For more new family destinations and things to do, stay tuned.