Friday, 8 May 2015

Bamboo Rafting, for Fun and Excitement in the Placid Lake of Thekkady, Kerala

While traveling in Kerala, the tourists will never be devoid of options for recreational activities on water. From Houseboat Tours on the placid river to White Water Rafting in the rapids or various other water sports, the God’s Own Country offers marvelous opportunities for tourists to have a gala time, during their visit.

Voyagers that are specifically looking for water rafting and trekking activities in galore can think about making visit at Thekkady in Periyar Wildlife Reserve, in Kerala. The adventurous folks can give a try to bamboo rafting in the serene waterway, here. Bamboo rafting session would be a perfect daytime outdoor activity for travelers in the Periyar Reserve.

The close encounter with the beautiful nature (at its best), the untamed animals and birds would give enough reasons for the voyagers to capture the moments in their camera and go home with fond memories of Kerala.

Unlike White Water Rafting, which one may have tried in the rapids of Kerala, the Bamboo Rafting session in places like Thekkady (Periyar Wildlife Reserve) would altogether be a different experience, for sure. After trekking through the woodlands, the bamboo rafting session on the slow-moving stream, exploring wild animals and different species of birds (some endangered ones) en route would be an enriching experience for the travelers.

The herd of Elephants, Indian Bison (Gaur), Sambar (Deer), Indian Giant Squirrel, Nilgiri Langur (Monkey) and various other species live in the region and possibilities are that one may stumble upon any of these while enjoying the bamboo rafting session, in Thekkady.

During the bamboo rafting expedition along the serene lake, the forest guards (with guns, in need) and local guides (usually the local villagers, well versed with the locality) would accompany the travelers to help with the region. The adventure-seeking travelers can even try hands at rowing the bamboo raft, of course but under the supervision of skilled rowers with them.

In case, the tourists want to spend more quality time in the Jungle, they can even choose to stay in the bamboo-crafted inns and other KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) run Jungle hotels and resorts, available in the Periyar Wildlife Reserve.

After wildlife trekking in the woods and bamboo rafting over the lake in Thekkady, the travelers should not miss the houseboat rides as well over the backwater stretches, there. A cruise on well-furnished houseboats would enthrall the travelers for sure, in the God’s Own Country.

BookHouseBoats.Com manages houseboat tours in Thekkady and the travelers can seek them for an activity-full day on the serene waterways of Kerala.

Come to Kerala, for a fun-filled cruise on bamboo rafts and for trying different itineraries on water.

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