Thursday, 29 January 2015

Visit the Coir Manufacturing Units in Kerala, to know the local industries better

After a refreshing sleep on a Coir Mattress or seeing the colorful Door mats with the ‘Welcome’ message written over it, some who have a fascination for coir products and are keen to exploring the coir manufacturing industry better, should head to the God’s Own Country.

While traveling in Kerala, one could find coconut palms (Kalpavriksha) spread all across the terrains. This South Indian region is not devoid of this edible palm. The palm serves the different needs of people across Kerala and the one is coir - natural fiber, taken out from the husk of coconut, which is widely used for many purposes.

Travelers, who like to experience the coir manufacturing procedure, can get to find options in many backwater villages of Kerala, as coir making is one of the chief occupations of local villagers.

The coir-manufacturing industry in Kerala contributes a lot to the state’s economy, as the eco-friendly coir products (floor-mats, door mats, mattresses, brushes, fishing nets, rope, string etc.) of Kerala have great demand in both India and foreign countries.

The manufacturing units use the brown fiber of fully matured coconut for getting coir and making products. The travelers visiting the coir manufacturing plants along the backwater villages or other regions in Kerala can get to see the process right from husking, water retting to defibering (and more). It would altogether be a different experience of watching people weave and make different coir products.

Coconut trees and lagoons are common scenario, while people experience the backwaters of Kerala. The tour operator BookHouseBoats.Com can arrange for exploratory visits like this at various local units, operating in the lakeside villages of Kerala.

Travelers visiting the place can not only interact with the local villagers there, see them work in the plant and learn the coir making process, but also can buy different coir products by offering very reasonable amount.

People that are traveling in Alleppey can think of beginning their field visit from the coir units, there and mix their day with backwater attractions. They can even join the villagers for traditional lunch and go home with a different experience of the Kerala culture and tradition.

Hence, plan a journey to Kerala for exploring both the travel destinations and the local industries, here.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Canoeing in Kerala, to Explore the Landscape, People and Culture

The Kerala backwaters are quite popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. However, not everyone always prefers a houseboat ride, as there are people that specifically seek adventure and look for canoeing in the streams, here.

The God’s Own Country has marvelous options for people looking for canoeing holidays over the narrow canals and lakes in Kerala. A cruise on a canoe is altogether a different experience in the backwaters of Kerala. There are travel planners who would arrange canoes for tourists, for a solo expedition across the beautiful lakes, in Kerala.

One can experience the rich culture and tradition of Kerala by going outdoors and the recreational activities like boating (canoeing and the similar) are some of the best ways for a beautiful encounter with the nature and surroundings.

Before preparing for a canoe trip, ensure the following – life jacket, hat/cap and sun glass for protection against the Sun (otherwise carry sunscreen lotion), food and water bottle. Have some spare clothes along with, in case the voyager gets wet or like to take a quick dip in the lake on any of the shallow regions. Get cameras and binoculars at hand, to capture beautiful sceneries on the journey.

Following would be a common scenario and of course, worth for the album when one is on a canoe tour through the calm and serene lake: men and women working in the fields; some on small boats with fishing nets trying for fresh catches, ducks (in a herd) taking the dip, children playing in different groups and so on. On the route, one can even explore different local and migratory birds in their natural habitat.

During the journey, I feel then gets off at the Lakeshore for a leisure walk through the village, chat with local villagers, visit the roadside eatery for crispy snacks with tea or if preferred  then can even have fresh coconut water or try toddy (the traditional drink), to have a different experience of the Kerala culture.

Companies like BookHouseBoats.Com offer custom travel packages in Kerala, keeping note of people that like to enjoy houseboat rides to go with canoeing and various other water recreational activities.

Hence, do not wait any further and just take to the air from the God’s Own Land, soon.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Mix Kayaking with Houseboat Tours, while You are Exploring the God’s Own Country

While traveling in Kerala, you would never be short of options for water recreation or backwater activities. If you love adventure and specifically looking for ideas related to specialty travel, then why not try some Kayaking in the God’s Own Country.

On a houseboat ride, in Kerala – you might miss to visit or exploring the canals or short passages en route, however, Kayaking holidays can make it possible for you. If you love ‘being in your own company’ and are fond of solo boat rides and expeditions on water,then paddling Kayak through the backwaters of Kerala would be pure fun.

Various travel companies and tour operators in Kerala offer Kayaking holiday packages mixed with other water recreational activities. You can try your hands, of course with all safety gears, on both open and closed-deck Kayaks to move across the stream in rhythm. Paddling requires too much of stamina and you need to be physically strong enough, if have chosen this water itinerary to sail through the backwaters on your own.

Many houseboat companies in Kerala even provide Kayaks to travelers, on the request that like to go on a solo-ride to exploring the scenic beauty of the nature. If you look forward to visiting Kerala anytime soon and like to try Houseboat rides, Kayaking and other water activities, then BookHouseBoats.Com can help you plan and manage your tour package.

Please note, the backwaters of Kerala (Alleppey and other) might not promise you long Kayak tours,however,you can explore the regions (narrow canals/passages) that are not accessible easily through houseboats. 

Before you prepare for your Kayak journey, wear your safety helmet and the life jacket. When you are all set, sit atop the Kayak comfortably to begin your adventure  journey. In case you have a fishing tackle(with you) then you can even try hands at catching some fresh fishes from the lake, there. Kayaks have adequate storage space and you can go back with the fresh catches of the day and show ‘your’ fishing skills to the whole world, out there.

Carry your snacks and water bottle, to satiate your body during the solo-journey. In case, you have video cameras with you,you can also go to places that houseboats have no access to and in case luck is on your part,you might even bump into migratory birds. That would make perfect shots for your photo album,back home for sure.

So,what are you waiting for?Call your tour operators and plan a tour in Kerala, for fun in the backwaters.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Watch Birds in Action, While You are in the God’s Own Country

If you love birds and want to spend some quality time watching birds in their natural surroundings, then the God’s Own Country would not disappoint you. Bird watching is quite an amusing activity and you do not have to be an ornithologist to observe birds in their natural habitat.

Get the best quality binoculars and high-definition cameras ready, before you head on for your bird watching session. Early bird gets the worm and without a doubt, to watch these birds ‘in action’ you need to wake up in the early hours.

Kumarakom (Kottayam), Thattekkad (Kothamangalam, Ernakulam), Kadalundi (Kozhikode), Pakshipathalam (Wayanad) are a few of the popular bird watching destinations in Kerala.

In Kumarakom, while you are busy exploring the backwaters (Vembanad lake), you can capture different bird species on your camera.

Make sure, your electronic devices are well charged and you have spare batteries as well. Forget, if you cannot be in the shoe of an ornithologist and know about the evolution and anatomy of birds, in general. Just be a keen traveler, who loves birds and wants to analyze the behavior of different birds.

During your exploratory tour, you can look ahead to watching some of these bird species in the natural habitat, viz. Egret (Herons), Black Stork, Darter Bird, Eurasian Teal. With great observation capabilities, you can examine different behavioral patterns of the birds. For better understanding, you need to be a regular bird watcher.

Thattekkad in Kothamangalam (as we mentioned above) is another hotspot, if you are so keen to explore all the bird shelters (natural habitats) in Kerala. From the Indian Pitta, Oriental Darter, Sri Lanka Frogmouth to Cormorant and Whiskered Tern, you can experience the beauty of all these species, while you are in Thattekkad.

You can choose Kadalundi in Kozhikode for watching Whimbrel, Brahminy Kite, Gulls and various other bird species.

Other than exploring birds at sanctuaries, you can even take pleasure watching different species while on an extended houseboat tour from Alleppey to Kollam. Frequent houseboat services are available on the route. During the expedition, you can bask in the beauty of the nature and find birds in action.

If luck favors, you would stumble upon a variety of birds en route (while sailing through the Vembanad and Ashtamudi Lakes), both local and migratory birds, viz. the Great Eared Nightjar, Painted Bush Quail, Black Baza , Booted Warbler, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Black Capped Kingfisher, Brown Fish Owl, Speckled Piculet and so on.

To explore the backwaters of Kerala on the houseboat and for an escorted bird watching session with the local guide, get in touch with BookHouseBoats.Com. They would plan your itinerary the best manner possible, so that you get to have one of the best sightseeing experiences ever, while in Kerala.

So, when are you planning to visit Kerala for bird watching holidays?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Trekking vacations in Kerala, if you love adventure and excitement

While on a trip in Kerala, if you look forward to specialty travel and prefer some adventure activities in the wild, then trekking could be the best option.

Trekking Vacations in Kerala 
If you are fond of lots of exciting activities in the group, then get your backpacks (of course with all safety gears) ready for trekking vacations in Kerala.

For security reasons, always trek in a group. Kerala is one of the most beautiful destinations in India, which attracts tourists for all good reasons and mountains/hill-stations here are one of the favorite hotspots of many tourists, while they are in the God’s own land.

If staying indoors and doing activities in the closed four-wall building is not something of your taste, then why not go outdoors for lots of adventure and excitement with the nature.

Getting Close with the Nature 
By going close to the nature, you could not only enjoy the scenic beauties, however experience the local culture and tradition of people in the tribal villages. In case you are an avid foodie, then could get to satisfy your taste buds with all traditional food and drinks at hillside eateries.

No matter, whether you are an experienced or leisure walker, you would definitely enjoy your trekking vacation in the woods of Kerala. Isolated from the city and the crowd, a peaceful walk in the mountain region is more than enough to soothe your body and mind. The fresh and gentle wind would pamper you to the full and while you are traveling through the hill regions, you would be even lucky to have a glimpse of birds you might not find in the concrete jungles, out there.

Besides, staying in a campsite (and of course cooking your own food can be a great idea) is an experience beyond words and you may not have a similar feel, while you are in an air-conditioned room in a five-star hotel.

While on trekking vacation, get your high-definition cameras ready to capture the nature ‘untouched by human beings’. If you love nature and greeneries, then a walk through the rainforests, backwater villages, highest plantations/estates (tea, cardamoms etc.) and other landscapes would give you immense pleasure, naturally.

Thekkady offer many trekking options and if you are planning for adventure holidays in the popular hill stations of Kerala, then think nothing otherwise and start planning for a visit anytime soon.

We at Aqua Tourism help travelers to find the best to use packages customized for a fun and adventure filled holiday.

Come to visit the God’s Own Country.