Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Trekking vacations in Kerala, if you love adventure and excitement

While on a trip in Kerala, if you look forward to specialty travel and prefer some adventure activities in the wild, then trekking could be the best option.

Trekking Vacations in Kerala 
If you are fond of lots of exciting activities in the group, then get your backpacks (of course with all safety gears) ready for trekking vacations in Kerala.

For security reasons, always trek in a group. Kerala is one of the most beautiful destinations in India, which attracts tourists for all good reasons and mountains/hill-stations here are one of the favorite hotspots of many tourists, while they are in the God’s own land.

If staying indoors and doing activities in the closed four-wall building is not something of your taste, then why not go outdoors for lots of adventure and excitement with the nature.

Getting Close with the Nature 
By going close to the nature, you could not only enjoy the scenic beauties, however experience the local culture and tradition of people in the tribal villages. In case you are an avid foodie, then could get to satisfy your taste buds with all traditional food and drinks at hillside eateries.

No matter, whether you are an experienced or leisure walker, you would definitely enjoy your trekking vacation in the woods of Kerala. Isolated from the city and the crowd, a peaceful walk in the mountain region is more than enough to soothe your body and mind. The fresh and gentle wind would pamper you to the full and while you are traveling through the hill regions, you would be even lucky to have a glimpse of birds you might not find in the concrete jungles, out there.

Besides, staying in a campsite (and of course cooking your own food can be a great idea) is an experience beyond words and you may not have a similar feel, while you are in an air-conditioned room in a five-star hotel.

While on trekking vacation, get your high-definition cameras ready to capture the nature ‘untouched by human beings’. If you love nature and greeneries, then a walk through the rainforests, backwater villages, highest plantations/estates (tea, cardamoms etc.) and other landscapes would give you immense pleasure, naturally.

Thekkady offer many trekking options and if you are planning for adventure holidays in the popular hill stations of Kerala, then think nothing otherwise and start planning for a visit anytime soon.

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Come to visit the God’s Own Country.