Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Canoeing in Kerala, to Explore the Landscape, People and Culture

The Kerala backwaters are quite popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. However, not everyone always prefers a houseboat ride, as there are people that specifically seek adventure and look for canoeing in the streams, here.

The God’s Own Country has marvelous options for people looking for canoeing holidays over the narrow canals and lakes in Kerala. A cruise on a canoe is altogether a different experience in the backwaters of Kerala. There are travel planners who would arrange canoes for tourists, for a solo expedition across the beautiful lakes, in Kerala.

One can experience the rich culture and tradition of Kerala by going outdoors and the recreational activities like boating (canoeing and the similar) are some of the best ways for a beautiful encounter with the nature and surroundings.

Before preparing for a canoe trip, ensure the following – life jacket, hat/cap and sun glass for protection against the Sun (otherwise carry sunscreen lotion), food and water bottle. Have some spare clothes along with, in case the voyager gets wet or like to take a quick dip in the lake on any of the shallow regions. Get cameras and binoculars at hand, to capture beautiful sceneries on the journey.

Following would be a common scenario and of course, worth for the album when one is on a canoe tour through the calm and serene lake: men and women working in the fields; some on small boats with fishing nets trying for fresh catches, ducks (in a herd) taking the dip, children playing in different groups and so on. On the route, one can even explore different local and migratory birds in their natural habitat.

During the journey, I feel then gets off at the Lakeshore for a leisure walk through the village, chat with local villagers, visit the roadside eatery for crispy snacks with tea or if preferred  then can even have fresh coconut water or try toddy (the traditional drink), to have a different experience of the Kerala culture.

Companies like BookHouseBoats.Com offer custom travel packages in Kerala, keeping note of people that like to enjoy houseboat rides to go with canoeing and various other water recreational activities.

Hence, do not wait any further and just take to the air from the God’s Own Land, soon.