Friday, 23 January 2015

Mix Kayaking with Houseboat Tours, while You are Exploring the God’s Own Country

While traveling in Kerala, you would never be short of options for water recreation or backwater activities. If you love adventure and specifically looking for ideas related to specialty travel, then why not try some Kayaking in the God’s Own Country.

On a houseboat ride, in Kerala – you might miss to visit or exploring the canals or short passages en route, however, Kayaking holidays can make it possible for you. If you love ‘being in your own company’ and are fond of solo boat rides and expeditions on water,then paddling Kayak through the backwaters of Kerala would be pure fun.

Various travel companies and tour operators in Kerala offer Kayaking holiday packages mixed with other water recreational activities. You can try your hands, of course with all safety gears, on both open and closed-deck Kayaks to move across the stream in rhythm. Paddling requires too much of stamina and you need to be physically strong enough, if have chosen this water itinerary to sail through the backwaters on your own.

Many houseboat companies in Kerala even provide Kayaks to travelers, on the request that like to go on a solo-ride to exploring the scenic beauty of the nature. If you look forward to visiting Kerala anytime soon and like to try Houseboat rides, Kayaking and other water activities, then BookHouseBoats.Com can help you plan and manage your tour package.

Please note, the backwaters of Kerala (Alleppey and other) might not promise you long Kayak tours,however,you can explore the regions (narrow canals/passages) that are not accessible easily through houseboats. 

Before you prepare for your Kayak journey, wear your safety helmet and the life jacket. When you are all set, sit atop the Kayak comfortably to begin your adventure  journey. In case you have a fishing tackle(with you) then you can even try hands at catching some fresh fishes from the lake, there. Kayaks have adequate storage space and you can go back with the fresh catches of the day and show ‘your’ fishing skills to the whole world, out there.

Carry your snacks and water bottle, to satiate your body during the solo-journey. In case, you have video cameras with you,you can also go to places that houseboats have no access to and in case luck is on your part,you might even bump into migratory birds. That would make perfect shots for your photo album,back home for sure.

So,what are you waiting for?Call your tour operators and plan a tour in Kerala, for fun in the backwaters.