Thursday, 29 January 2015

Visit the Coir Manufacturing Units in Kerala, to know the local industries better

After a refreshing sleep on a Coir Mattress or seeing the colorful Door mats with the ‘Welcome’ message written over it, some who have a fascination for coir products and are keen to exploring the coir manufacturing industry better, should head to the God’s Own Country.

While traveling in Kerala, one could find coconut palms (Kalpavriksha) spread all across the terrains. This South Indian region is not devoid of this edible palm. The palm serves the different needs of people across Kerala and the one is coir - natural fiber, taken out from the husk of coconut, which is widely used for many purposes.

Travelers, who like to experience the coir manufacturing procedure, can get to find options in many backwater villages of Kerala, as coir making is one of the chief occupations of local villagers.

The coir-manufacturing industry in Kerala contributes a lot to the state’s economy, as the eco-friendly coir products (floor-mats, door mats, mattresses, brushes, fishing nets, rope, string etc.) of Kerala have great demand in both India and foreign countries.

The manufacturing units use the brown fiber of fully matured coconut for getting coir and making products. The travelers visiting the coir manufacturing plants along the backwater villages or other regions in Kerala can get to see the process right from husking, water retting to defibering (and more). It would altogether be a different experience of watching people weave and make different coir products.

Coconut trees and lagoons are common scenario, while people experience the backwaters of Kerala. The tour operator BookHouseBoats.Com can arrange for exploratory visits like this at various local units, operating in the lakeside villages of Kerala.

Travelers visiting the place can not only interact with the local villagers there, see them work in the plant and learn the coir making process, but also can buy different coir products by offering very reasonable amount.

People that are traveling in Alleppey can think of beginning their field visit from the coir units, there and mix their day with backwater attractions. They can even join the villagers for traditional lunch and go home with a different experience of the Kerala culture and tradition.

Hence, plan a journey to Kerala for exploring both the travel destinations and the local industries, here.