Thursday, 5 February 2015

Get your fishing tackles for some fresh catches and for water recreation

Every year hundred and thousands of tourists (domestic and foreign) visit Kerala - the God’s Own Country for exploring the beaches, wildlife, hill stations, temples, sanctuaries and various other attractions and destinations.

The backwaters of Kerala and the houseboat rides are a few of the reasons that make the Kerala one of the hotspots for many. If you are in Kerala for backwater tourism and looking forward to boating and recreation, then you can explore a variety of possibilities, here.

In case you are specifically looking for ponds, villages and farms, to try your hands at some fishing (for fun and leisure), then you could find ample options for doing the same in Cochin and other backwater regions in Kerala.

Njarakkal Matsyafed Milky Way Fish Farm in Ernakulam is one, to spend the day out with family for some fishing games. The farm authorities there would provide you with equipment (tackle, fish food etc.) and help you with some fishing tips as well, so that you could enjoy the day and go home with fresh catches.

You might not be good at fishing techniques, however, would surely learn to master the skills by visiting the place, for a few times (only if have plans for extended tours in Cochin).

The entry fee to the fishing farm range from about INR 150-200/person and the package would comprise food, drinks and other light snacks. Visit the place with your kids and try some fishing games in the group. You could even have a fun-filled competition amongst each other, to see who is good at fishing. During lunch, get to treat your tongue palettes with spicy fish recipes, prepared the traditional way.

If you are looking for some other places for fishing, then Fort Kochi in Ernakulam could be another great destination to try your hands at fishing. You need to have the equipment of your own. Fort Kochi is famous for the Chinese fishing nets and you can even take pleasure watching people fish using those huge fishing nets, there.

You can even go to the beach, have a blast with your family and try your hands also at collecting seashells (you may be lucky, who knows). Besides, boat-rides are also available from Fort Kochi. Try speedboats or hire a houseboat for a ride through the water stretches, of Fort Kochi.

For houseboat rides on the backwaters, you can contact BookHouseBoats.Com. To plan your itinerary and choose from a variety of houseboats, viz. Standard, Deluxe, Premium and Luxury, please make inquiries at

Fishing can be great fun, both during weekends and otherwise. So, come down to Cochin to have a gala time with your family or friends.