Friday, 15 May 2015

Get-together for a fun-filled multi-activity day in Kerala

Families that travel together to a new destination often find it hard to decide on things to do and activities there, which could keep everyone amused in the group. However, while traveling in Kerala, you would never be short of such ideas for multi-activities with your family.

Whether cycling on the countryside roads, trekking on the hill/mountain regions, wildlife safari, kayaking and other water sports in the backwaters of Kerala – everybody in a family can collaborate to enjoy these fun-filled outdoor activities in the group.

If you have started your journey from Munnar (and plan to cover Periyar reserve as well), then after a comfortable stay in the hotel at the mountain region there, be the early bird and ‘get on’ to your bicycles (hired) for exploring the beauty of the nature. The morning breeze would make you feel sleepy a bit, but you would love the ride on the not so busy landscape in the early hours of the day.

During the passage, you can break in your journey to have a sip of tea (with leaves extracted from the highest plantations/tea estates) and try some snacks at the roadside restaurant. Watching the lifestyle of tribal villagers and riding through the backwater villages, plantations (there) would give you a refreshingly new feeling.

After a joyful ‘early morning’ experience on your bicycle along the countryside road, get back to your room for traditional Kerala breakfast. After eating like a King in the morning, get your backpacks reyady for trekking in the mountain regions there. A leisure walk through the woods with your family is yet another group activity, which you can enjoy amply.

You can even halt en route for a while and decide to camp (if have the equipment), cook and eat together. After having a heavy lunch, take forty winks on the woods there and get ready to exploring the backwaters. Your family can choose from a variety of itineraries on water. From Kayaking to a ride on houseboat of your choice, everyone in the family can enjoy together. BookHouseBoats.Com can help you plan itineraries on water and you can reach them at

During your stay there, do not miss to capture the wilderness, birds and animals to cherish beautiful memories of your visit in Kerala. In your campsite, you can even try different team-bonding activities and games and have a gala time with your family members.

As the day come to a still with the Sunset, we guess you are ready to get back to your hotel room/Homestay with the local guide AND of course with the promise of yet another beautiful day of fun-filled activities, in Kerala. 

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