Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Master the Kerala Cuisine and Binge on Local Food and Beverage

For the food lovers that like to indulge in and cook different dishes, if looking forward to taste and try hands at cooking traditional dishes in the God’s Own Country, then there are many options for them in the Southern region of India.

Those who are fond of traditional Kerala food can make the most of their time and add cooking lessons to their schedule, along with visiting the place for various attractions and destinations.

‘Nimmy and Paul’ (Wife and Husband) based in Kochi are few of the people, in Kerala who give their support to foodie trips, conduct cooking classes for tourists and promote traditional food in a pleasant manner. The ‘At Home’ hospitality concept like theirs is not quite common in places across Kerala. There are only very few families like that of Nimmy and Paul that offer packages to tourists who look for cooking classes in Kerala.

Various travel agencies can even help the guests ‘identify places’, where the latter could spend time (when on tour in Kerala) to taste local food and try out cooking lessons. The agencies would charge extra for this add-on service, if have mixed other destinations along with it.

During the course, the travelers can stay with the service provider (it might be own house/private home of the food trainer), who would accommodate the guest. The package would comprise the cost of stay, as well. The guests would get to binge on not only the local food and drink there, however they even have the opportunity to see their food trainer try/demonstrate different Kerala dishes.

The guests can visit organic farm, help in collecting fresh vegetables and fruits for different recipes and take quick tips on preparing healthy and delicious Kerala food. Travelers came for cooking classes in Kerala can request to learn a variety of South Indian dishes from the food consultant/trainer. From Breakfast and Snack Food to Fish/Seafood, Meat, Dessert and Beverages (to name a few), the guests can have the nuances of Kerala cooking.

While the guests are there for cooking classes, they even get the opportunity to network with the family and friends of the food trainer and accompany them for a guided tour in the local regions. Fort Kochi has many Christian families, famed of hospitality and service who often entertain guests at home, by offering both homely food and cooking lessons. People visiting this part of Cochin should not miss houseboat/speed boat rides, as companies like BookHouseBoats.Com can arrange for a fun-filled journey on the backwaters, there.

Being a foodie and a lover of all the good things of life, one should not miss visiting the God’s Own Country, which has everything that this one word describes - BEAUTIFUL!

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