Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Kathakali Performance, to Experience the Rich Tradition and Culture of Kerala

People those are passionate about travel and love to exploring the arts, culture and tradition of different places, if are traveling in Kerala then should not miss different classical dance/music performances, at the art centers here.

One of the popular Classical dance forms, Kathakali performances attract the art-lovers from different parts of the world, to the God’s Own Country.

Colorful costumes/headdresses, eye-catching make-ups, sophisticated dance moves to the tune of percussions add beauty to this dance-drama form. Kathakali performances combine dance, music and acting to narrate the legendary Indian epics, viz. Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Puranas (the ancient Hindu texts).

Through the facial expressions, the hand gestures and the precise moves, the Kathakali performers captivate the audience and convey emotions of different mythological characters they play on stage. It would be a memorable experience for the travelers, for sure that come to witness any such Kathakali performances in Kerala.

Two singers (the lead singer ‘Ponnani’ and the ‘Singidi’) in the background use metal gong-with-stick and cymbals to narrate the tale and the Kathakali performer performs the epic character by different expressions and moves.

Kathakali performers have to go through lot of preparation to master the dance act, before they act in front of the viewers. High energy and concentration required to follow the singers (in the backdrop) and for precise moments, in accord with the rhythm. Other than the two singers, several musical instrument players even join the stage (behind the Kathakali performer) with Harmonium, Conch and various percussion instruments, for use at different levels of the play.

The colored make-ups of the Kathakali performer depict different characters. The green color denotes noble character, while the red color (face and beard) shows the evil characters.

Kathakali performances would definitely win the hearts of art lovers. Travelers that are planning to visit the God’s Own Country any time soon should not miss the Kathakali art centers in Fort Kochi (Ernakulam), to witness the popular dance form of Kerala.

After a tour across the backwaters of Cochin with BookHouseBoats.Com for breathtaking views, travelers can accompany the guide to the art centers in Fort Kochi for Kathakali dance performances and for taking pleasure in other Indian art forms, as well.

Hence, plan an itinerary and visit Kerala with family and friends for a rich experience of the culture and tradition of this Indian state.