Friday, 27 March 2015

Sargaalaya Iringal Crafts Village in Kerala - The Perfect Destination for Art and Craft Lovers

While on a tour in Kerala, the travelers who are fond of Art and Crafts, if looking for destinations to explore the traditional craft making industry and try hands at learning some skills, then visiting Iringal in Calicut (Kozhikode) would be the perfect idea.

An initiative of the Kerala State Government and the Tourism Department, Sargaalaya is one of the most popular Arts and Crafts Villages of Kerala. Spread on a twenty-acre land, this Iringal Crafts village attracts the art lovers from all across the globe.

By visiting the village, the travelers would get to comprehend the nuances of craft making and they can even interact with the Artisans to learn a few skills, there. The crafts village on the coast of Moorad River is worth a visit not only for experiencing the craft manufacturing process but also to buy the eco-friendly (finely crafted) creations at affordable prices.

Here, are a few of the things that one could look forward to witnessing at the Sargaalaya Crafts Village, viz. Sculptures (Paper Mache, Ceramic Powder, Terracotta and Areca Nut), Paintings (Mural, Sepia, Sand Art, Glass and Oil Painting) and Jewelry (Coconut Shell, Terracotta, Pearl, Crystal, Coir and Bamboo Ornaments).

Kerala is famous for lagoons and Coconut Palms. One making a visit at Iringal crafts village can even learn the Coconut craft using the coconut stem and experience different natural fiber crafts made of Kora Grass, Screw Pine, Banana Fiber, Palm Fiber, Coir, Straw and Vetiver, there.

Besides, the voyagers should not miss the sight of artisans at the Handloom house, making colorful garments. One can see the process there and buy the finest piece, by shelling a reasonable amount.

People that are in the crafts business and want wood and/or metal crafts for their shops or outlets can even place orders for bulk purchase from this crafts village. The accomplished artisans of this region create a variety of fine looking wooden (from rose wood, cane etc) and metal crafts, which would sell like hotcakes in the outlets, for sure.

While traveling in Iringal Kozhikode, the visitors can even experience the traditional dance, music and other fine art performances by hiring the artistes and take pleasure in the Kerala cuisine at the eateries available at the village, there. After exploring the art forms and crafts, people that are keen for other attractions and activities in Kozhikode can also think about water itinerary on the backwater stretches.

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Hence, plan a visit to Iringal and go back with fond memories, of this crafts village and the nearby destinations.