Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Camping in the Woods of Kerala, for Outdoor Adventure and Recreation

Be it any season, there is never a dull moment for the travelers that visit the God’s Own Country. From beaches to hill stations, temples to historical buildings, lakes to rivers, one can find lot of attractions and destinations to have a gala time, individually and as well in a group.

If people love exciting activities and are looking for outdoor fun while traveling in Kerala, then adventure camps can be a great idea for them. Living in tents/camps is a different experience, something that cannot be ‘put in plain words’. People that go on frequent adventure tours to mountains and forests like this know how great it feels being surrounded with nature and living in a campsite.

Living on raised platforms in the tropical forest and closely watching birds and wild animals is very enthralling. Staying in an air-conditioned room in a plush seaside hotel can never match the experience of the same in a campsite, in the wood.

Places like Thattekkad (and many other in Kerala) offer marvelous opportunities for travelers to experience living in campsites to see the sights of nature and explore different species of animals and birds in their natural habitat. While in Kerala, instead of accommodation in a posh hotel, one should think about going outdoors for lot of fun in the group, by choosing to stay in the campsite.

Various tour companies in Kerala manage jungle tours for travelers looking for adventure camping in the tropical forest. These travel planners operate campsites in the woods (close to lakes and rivers) and even arrange for equipment for many outdoor fun activities like cycling, kayaking, canoeing and bird watching etc. Those looking for water activities ‘at length’ can also choose the backwater regions and seek operators like BookHouseBoats.Com and many other.

While one is enjoying the jungle tour, should make the most of one’s stay there by basking the beauty of the surroundings and trying different outdoor sports and activities in the group.

Some of those that want to go on a solo-adventure vacation in the Jungles or mountains of Kerala may need to have their own camping equipment, safety gears and other supplies. People that want to avoid all this trouble of managing everything on one’s own can think of campsites/jungle resorts of Kerala, to enjoy their vacation ‘away from the concrete jungle’.