Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Yoga Classes in Kerala, for the Travelers that are on a Spiritual Quest

Kerala, with its rich culture and heritage attracts tourists from all across the orb for different reasons and one is Alternative Medicine. Many foreign travelers, on a spiritual quest to the God’s Own Country prefer visiting the Yoga Ashrams (Spiritual Hermitage) to comprehend the nuances of Yoga and for practicing it to placate their body and mind, for improved health and wellbeing.

Good health is wealth and the Ancient Indian concept (Yoga) is popular not only with Indians, however with foreigners as well. There are many Yoga Ashrams situated near popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Travelers that are in search of Yoga Ashrams would be lucky to get across a few in some of these locations – Panmana (Kollam), Pazhavangadi, Varkala Kuravankonam (Thiruvananthapuram) and so on.

The Yoga training courses, of learning under qualified/certified teachers would be a different experience for people in different centers across Kerala. Yoga is a transformational journey and helps in establishing better body and mind connection.

Doing Yoga regular has many health benefits, as people suffering from depression and anxiety and other health ailments like - back pain, blood pressure and so forth can benefit from attending Yoga courses, in the God’s Own Country.

The travelers seeking Yoga course most often need to book in advance with the service provider. Those that are on an extended tour in Kerala and traveling in Varkala (Thiruvananthapuram) can seek BookHouseBoats.Com to plan both water itineraries and for escorted tour to nearby Yoga Ashrams. One can choose the sessions for two weeks or more suiting the interest level and stay in the region. 

Many that join the Yoga courses even have the high tendency of extending their sessions further, after having a rich learning experience at the center with the Yoga Guru (teacher). Many foreign travelers that come for Yoga courses in Kerala vouch that it had been one of the life-changing experiences, for them.

The voyagers opting for Yoga courses require staying at the Ashrams and get to practice it daily, in the morning and evening hours under the supervision of the Yoga teacher. During the course, one would get to know about different Yoga Asana, Kriya, and Mudra and practice medication (breathing exercise etc), chanting and other activities for establishing better mind and body connection, to get rid of anxieties and depression.

The ambiance (simple, but neat and ventilated ashrams), vegetarian food (sattvic diet) would be perfect for somebody, who is fond of Yoga and Ayurveda, however the course is not for someone who finds solace always in the rich and material things of life.

If are on an extended tour in this Southern region of India, then think about joining the Yoga training courses in Kerala. One would definitely have a rich learning experience, for sure.