Friday, 6 March 2015

Fly Like a Kite and Soar High, by Giving a Try to Parasailing Sport in the Land of Kerala

For travelers, there would be no dull moments while they visit the God’s Own Country with family or friends. This Southern region of India attracts tourists for all good reasons and a few are the backwaters of Kerala and plethora of water recreational activities including but not limited to houseboat tours, kayaking, canoeing, white water rafting, parasailing and so on.

Travelers while visiting Kerala, if specifically look for parasailing
activities then Alleppey beach, Kovalam and other prime tourist destinations can be apt for this water sport. If watching the birds fly and the colorful kites (soar high in the sky) inspired many and they had a secret desire of taking to the air, then parasailing can be a great idea for some flying sessions.

Even the green horns (except for kids) with no prior experience of parasailing can try this fun outdoor activity and experience the beautiful land, clear water, sky and beings from a bird’s eye view. However, people with Acrophobia (fear of heights) should stay away from doing parasailing and anything similar.

Towed by a speed/motor boat (even Jeeps are used for land based parasailing), scaling the height of about 50-100 meter would be an enthralling experience for the person, harnessed with tight ropes to the colorful parasail (canopy wing).

Though at a time, only one person can do parasailing, however with powerful boats even more than two people can enjoy this flying experience. Parasailing is one of the safest outdoor activities, as anyone with nerve can give a try to this flying sport.

Travelers visiting Kerala can experience both land and aqua parasailing, in the state, at specific regions like Alleppey and Kovalam. BookHouseBoats.Com manages water-based activities in Kerala and the travelers can seek them to mix houseboat rides with various other water sports and itineraries, during their stay. The voyagers can include paramotoring and paragliding, as well in their itinerary.

If already are in Kerala or planning to hit the destination anytime soon, then do not miss to try parasailing and other water sports in the land of Kerala. When the sky is clear and the wind conditions are good at the coast, then parasailing would be nothing but PURE fun. Just try it out in Kerala and have something to boast about to friends.