Thursday, 12 March 2015

Kalaripayattu Training Centers, to Know All About the Martial Arts Form of Kerala

If Karate originated in Ryukyu Kingdom (Japan, now), then the traditional martial arts form ‘Kalaripayattu’ originated in the God’s Own Country, Kerala.

One of the most ancient and popular performing arts type, Kalaripayattu performances attract hundreds and thousands of tourists from different parts of the globe, to the training centers in Kerala. As per Legends, this martial arts form dates back to over 3,000 years and believed to be ‘created’ by Sage/Lord Parasurama. With time, the arts form even gained popularity in many Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan etc.

For Kalaripayattu training and performances, the performers use the 21x42 feet enclosure (Kalari), where they learn and practice different traditional martial arts techniques and styles, from the Guru/Teacher. The performers have to undergo rigorous training to learn flexible movements and master the art of fighting and defensive moves using different weapons, including but not limited to Axe, Sword, Bow and Arrow, Trident (Spear), Stick, Machete, Club and Dagger.

Performers trying the martial arts form have to have strength, stamina and good flexibility for fighting the opponent, in the Kalari. With the Kalari masters, they get to learn all the nuances of this martial arts form and learn to combat both using the weapons and without it.

Even the traditional dance forms of the God’s Own Country, Kathakali and Theyyam require the dance performers to undergo stringent training with Kalari masters to improve concentration level and in learning the finest moves and gestures for art performances.

Not only the Kalaripayattu, however even the Kalari treatment methods are popular. The therapy focuses on treating people by giving Ayurvedic massage (using herbs, medicated oils and pastes) locating specific body/pressure points and regions. The Kalari treatment is very effective in curing people that have severe body disorders and ailments related to bones, muscles, ligaments, joints and so forth.

People traveling in Kerala can make a visit at the popular Kalari Ayurveda resorts (Palakkad and other regions) for massage and other Naturopathy/Ayurveda therapies and regain good health. Those that are on an extended tour in Kerala can even visit the training centers and learn the nuances of Kalaripayattu by joining the short-term courses. They can master the art form under the guidance of learned Kalari masters, there.

On the other hand, the travelers at the centers can also experience the students ‘getting trained’, doing performances and practicing different ‘Marma Chikitsa’ (Healing Arts). After the visit at Kalari Ayurveda resorts and witnessing the martial arts form of the state, one should not even forget to explore the backwaters of the God’s Own Country, which is the ‘must to do’ thing when one is traveling in Southern India.

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