Thursday, 19 March 2015

Nature Food Restaurants in Ernakulam Kerala, for a healthy lifestyle

Being an avid foodie, while traveling in Kerala you would never ‘be short of’ options to satiate your taste buds. From Bakeries to Dine-In Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants and Pizzerias, you would find eateries and restaurants at every nook and corner, in the God’s Own Country.

During your stay in Kerala, you can choose to dine at a variety of plush hotels and restaurants that guarantee good food and service. However, if you are one who is health conscious and specifically looking to binge on healthy food, straight from the organic farms, then you should not miss trying food at a chain of Aruvi Nature Food Restaurants, in Ernakulam.

You can find Aruvi Food Restaurants at some of these locations, in Ernakulam, viz. Xavier Arakkal Road (Kacheripady), Pullepady Road (Opposite North Railway Station), Kannadikadu Road (Chambakkara) to name a few.

These nature food restaurants generally operate from 8 am to 9 pm and serve healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Produced (Grains, Vegetables and Fruits etc) in the organic farms, the Aruvi nature food restaurant with its different branches in Ernakulam makes sure the guests get to have nothing but healthy food and beverages, to placate their body and mind.

While traveling in Cochin, if you plan to devour healthy stuff (food and drinks) then can give a thought about the Aruvi Food Restaurants that also give utmost care to hygiene and food safety.

A visit at one of these Aruvi Nature Food Restaurants would also be a new experience, after dining at various plush restaurants and eateries in this part of Kerala. Some of you might not find the price of food (on menu) befitting one’s budget, however, if you are health conscious and want to have the highest quality food recommended by doctors and experts for good health and well-being, then Aruvi restaurants are worth spending every penny of yours.

Give your tummy some rest from spicy foods, aerated soft drinks and try organic foods and drinks, to see the results these can show on your body. If you are so keen to know more of how organic foods can benefit you overall, do find time going through different books and pamphlets (at the restaurant) and having a word with the restaurant manager, there. You would definitely love your experience and might probably like to change your old eating habits for the better, for a healthy lifestyle ahead.

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Hence, come to visiting nature food restaurants in Kerala and have a memorable experience.