Wednesday, 18 March 2015

White Water Rafting in Kerala for Those That Love Extreme and Adventure Sports

The God’s Own Country captivates the attention of tourists mostly with the houseboats and the backwater stretches; however, the adventure sport White Water Rafting has even many takers, in Kerala.

People that love extreme adventure sports can think about visiting some of these popular White Water Rafting destinations, viz. Tejaswini River in Kannur, Bhoothathankettu and Paniyeli Poru in Ernakulam.

The two rafting stretches (in Kannur) are Upper and Lower Tejaswini, with the class 2 and 3 rapid levels. The river begins its journey from Coorg Karnataka and runs through Kannur in Kerala.

The class 2 level (at Upper Tejaswini - a narrow river) rapids would be perfect for the beginners trying White Water Rafting in the region. Rafting on the clear channels and straightforward rapids will not pose much difficulty for the green horns, as the trained propellers with them can avoid the rocks and medium sized waves, during the trip.

Lower Tejaswini will be quite a difficult route with the class 3 level rapids/torrents. The experienced paddlers can try White Water Rafting through the channel confronting irregular waves. To stay afloat, the people on board need to have a good body control while the vessel navigates through the channel. The possibilities of fall and getting injured are quite common and the paddlers require good maneuvering skills, to traverse the tricky route.

In case anything goes wrong during the sport, the other skilled group members can help their mate, in need. A lot of teamwork and cooperation require, while people choose the White Water Rafting sport.

Other than Upper and Lower Tejaswini (River) stretches in Kannur, the adventure loving travelers can even try this white water sport in Bhoothathankettu and Paniyeli Poru in Ernakulam. Easy to testing rapids are there, suiting the needs of voyagers. November to May is the best time to try rafting in Kerala.

People visiting Kerala can choose this daytime activity in Kannur or Ernakulam in different groups and have a fun filled time. At a point, about 10-12 people can board the inflated vessel to begin their adventurous expedition across the channel.

Kerala does not have Class 4 (advanced) or Class 5 (expert) level rapids for people that are their best in the extreme water sport and looking for adventure sports of the highest risk level.

People starting from Ernakulam can begin their holiday with houseboat tours and after exploring the picturesque beauty of Kerala, they can switch to Kayaking, White Water Rafting and other adventure water sports. The tour operator BookHouseBoats.Com would guide the travelers through all these destinations for water recreation and manage their itineraries.

Come to God’s Own Country for exploring the waterways. It would really be interesting, exploring the channels, differently at varied places.